Sunday, May 17, 2009

To Bikini Bottom...

Today we went to Allisters 2nd Birthday party!! It was a Spongebob theme.

They had all kinds of good salads..macaroni,pasta,ceviche,potato..and some sandwiches,chips and watermelon...Ava liked the watermelon

She took a Big Juicy Bite

It;s the Birthday girl and mommy Hillary who's birthday was yesterday

I took Ava upstairs and hung out with some buddies drinking some good Special Punch that Jesse was great with fruits and little umbrellas..very tropical and rummy
Ava played on the scooter!

The kids played a fun bean bag toss trying to get the bean bags in spongebob's house

All the kids won a prize
Time for the pinata..Parker got a little angry with it and started wrestling with it at the end of his turn

Time for cake

Jesse bringing the cake out
Alli had a lot of fun with it
PRESENTS!! I did a little blast from the past gift giving..we got her a Care Bears baby stroller and baby strawberry shortcake doll for the stroller with a My little Pony card
Of course Parker and his cousins were off doing their own thing

There was one present that was in a plastic basket full of outfits..alli found a great accessory to her outfits
It was a fun time..I love parties!

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