Monday, May 11, 2009

Day of Excercise

So today was my first day jogging with my new baby Jogger my Mom Got me. I came home from work Put my hair in a pony tail put on my jog shorts,sports bra and shoes. I loaded Ava up )which she still is a little too small for it) and Off I went. I figure I would jog around the neighborhood and work my way towards Parkers school on my way back home to pick him up. I jogged 6 full blocks and than headed towards Parkers school. Boy am I out of shape. I really need to stretch too before running. My legs kept cramping up. Anyways I felt great afterwords. Took a LONG hot bath and relaxed.

I opened up Ava's rocking giraffe..she had fun but she was SO tired.

She loves the squeaky ears.

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

omg I want that Giraffe! Ive been looking everywhere and can't find It! Hopefully I will get it for her bday =)Im on the hunt!!