Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Itching to Design.

So as some of you may know I been dying to learn to use my new sewing machine. Anyways
I got some new patterns I want to use to make some clothes for Ava. These are a little tricky but of course I will do some practicing first. These are my two recent ones I purchased but I have tons of others.

My plan is to buy Old vintage patterns but pick out my own fabric and embellishments to add on it until I can get good enough to start designing my own things.

I need to scout out for some Vintage Fabrics too which I was offered over the summer from a Famous Fashion Designer friend of mine to come to her place cause she has tons of vintage fabrics Including Pucci!!

With this Pattern I want to make cute little girly Party Dresses.

Ofcourse I can make me a cute little mod dress with using some houndstooth fabric
Or checkers or black and white..or maybe use some of that Pucci material!!


LorynM said...

I used to sew all the time in high school but have been out of it for a while. I totally want to get a sewing machine again! Have you sewed before?

Iris said...

Never sewn before. I am very anxious to learn. Gonna fiddle around with it tonight.While I watch re runs of project runway..ofcourse before Top Chef starts LOL

LorynM said...

It's pretty easy, once you learn to read patterns and get familiar with sewing terms. I want a machine again and just make simple skirts and stuff like that, there's so much great old fabric out there to work with!

Iris said...

I know!!
I am dying to make stuff!
The sewing machine I got is a Brand new Old stock 1960's machine with this cool 60's design cover. It has the book and everything! It is like brand new. Once I gwet really good I am gonna buy me a expensive new one with the computers in it.