Thursday, January 22, 2009

Red Hat ....Pale Face

I didn't blog yesterday cause I had to take Parker to the doctors cause he had a 102.4 fever when I came home and ate nothing for 2 days. Today he is feeling much better.

Yesterday Gabe came home and brought me some items he got from Macy's for the free make-up deal thing going on there( LAWSUIT SITUATION I GUESS) and he also had a bag from The Limited where he had purchased me two hats. They are the same. One is red and the other is brown.
So I was a bit bored this evening (waiting for Gabe to get home so I can watch Madmen that Sean Lent me) and said let me just be silly and see what personalities I can get with THE RED HAT. Oh and my make up is WAY to light. I was a bit shiny and put on some powder for a quick fix and totally did not blend it in.






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