Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ava's Circus!

Ava just loves her crib. When we had Parker we had a Gigantic crib and he was one of those babies who basically would not go to sleep in his own bed and just did not really like it.
This time I knew better that when we had Ava I was not gonna get a huge bed that would take up so much space in my room.
She loves to sleep in her bed, Play in her bed and even stare at her bed if she is in our bed.
We have a canopy over her crib cause it prevents the cats from going in. It has kind of a circus theme. She has BIG colorful polka dotted crib set but I have not been using it until she gets a little older. Anyways here is some shots playing in her crib. I put a bunch of her dolls in it and still as always no one beats her Glow Worm. She really loves her mobile too. It plays circus music and had this water globe that has glitter in it and it lights up while it juggles little balls inside and of course it has a spiraling mobile with circus animals doing tricks.

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