Saturday, January 10, 2009

Love being one with Nature

Us girls decided that as part as our getting back into shape routine that every Saturday morning we would go on a long hike or walk somewhere different.
We all decided that The nature center at El Dorado Park would be a great start. Ally was gonna pack lunches and we were all gonna hike than have a picnic afterwards but she was not able to make it so me and Thelma and Toni were on the road.
It was such a perfect day that we took my convertible and cruised with the top down.
Afterwards Toni treated us to Jamba Juice. I took a few scenic photos..I have so many I took will be a nice scrapbook page. I can't wait to take Ava when she is a little bigger.
Parker like it a lot. He usually comes with me on the walk but today I went solo and Gabe stayed with the kids. I think next week we may go to the wetlands.

We did the 2 mile trail..what a work out

We saw this cool log and when we sat to pose for this picture a little lizard came creeping up and almost went in Thelma's sweater. We had a passerby take the photo..the place was PACKED!

Red Ear Slider sunbathing

We were all talking about how this lake made us feel like being on a little boat fishing with a few cold ones

I got distracted by some noise in the bushes but thought looking at Toni and Thelma what a great scenic view of them walking though the trail


This was a cool little spot where we found the turtles hanging out. It was funny when Toni went up to get a closer look they all dove in a flash into the water..sounds like rocks being thrown in the lake

We were admiring the foliage

This was at the end of our walk we thought we would sit at the bench facing the lake and take in the nature and discuss our Big Bear Trip in a couple weeks and these ducks just came to us with no fear. They were cute..we wish we had some food to feed them. I thought one was gonna steal Thelma's shoe laces.

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