Thursday, January 8, 2009

Can it be...Teething already??

Let me just say OH MAN what a night it was last night and the previous night.
My perfect little angel that sleeps through the night has started waking up every couple of hours. Last night was the worst!

The night before she got up a few times crying but Gabe got up with her since I work in the mornings and than last night at 11:30 she woke up SCREAMING and Gabe took her to the living room and I woke up to her still Screaming at 2:10am. Gabe said nothing was working. We were feeding her, putting her on her stomach, burping her..nothing at all would work. She than started retching and acting like she was gonna throw up and I was thinking maybe she has a huge gas bubble of something..than I started worrying Please God no don't let it be Colic.
I got up with her and sent Gabe out to get some GRIPE WATER. Right as he left she went straight to bed. I laid her down and she was fast asleep.

I got to thinking that maybe she is teething. All the signs seem to be there.

She drools like CRAZY
She Gnaws on EVERYTHING especially if you are holding her she loves to chew on your arms
She has this thing where she is always chewing on her tongue
I haven't felt her gums or really inspected them yet

Anyways I am having Gabe look for a new pediatrician for her and Parker cause I really don't like mine AT ALL. He is kind of a jack ass and has the personality of a wet shoe.

He has been Parkers Dr ever since he was a few months old but I just never could really get that good Dr -client relationship like I did with the attending pediatrician who saw Ava.

Anyways I am dropping him and getting better since I have the most awesome PPO medical benefits.

Well I am on the hunt for teething rings I guess. I been told to get Humphrey's tablets for teething from my sister in law so I will look for those. I think I am gonna get her a teething Giraffe from Etsy.

Here are some neat teething rings I may pick up

All organic teething ring
Nice size for her little hands to hold and she can chew on the cloth or the ring

This I thought was just funny..Imitation Tiffany & Co teething ring
This is RECALLED by the way.
Ava has the real one anyway which she LOVES!

I like the bumps on this ..helps with the breaking through part

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Amy, David, and Baby Cambria.. said...

Ohhhhh, fun! I can't wait for those days. Everytime I think Cambria's teething the doc say's nope, still firm. Ugh! I have that Paci too, she doesn't like it though. But then again she dosen't like any Paci's..