Monday, January 19, 2009

My day off and it's a sick one!

So I was looking forward to my day off but 5am Parker woke up coughing and throwing up.

He NEVER gets sick so I know he must be feeling really bad. All weekend he has been playing with the kid upstairs who seemed to be sick with a cough but low and behold it must have been just the beginning period of his sickness as well.

They were playing video games all weekend and usually Parker has been around sick kids and does not catch it however last Friday he was stabbed in the hand by a kid in his after school program with a pencil and has a big open wound in his hand. I was thinking maybe the germs spread through the wound in his hand. I don't know seems like a stupid thought but hey it can be kinda logical too.
Anyways I am trying to keep him away from Ava cause I don't want her to get sick too.
I am cooking up some chicken soup and I have some fresh squeezed OJ for Parker. I will than follow that up with a dose of children's Motrin for his fever. My brother in law called me today too to see if Parker was still going to go over there cause his cousins were looking forward to him coming to their house.
I am bummed too cause I was suppose to meet a friend and her baby today for lunch.

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