Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Rat Pack'n Birthday

Last night was Jen's 30th birthday and what a absolute blast it was! They rented the banquet room at the Quality Inn and Suites not to far from Knott's to throw her Rat Pack Vegas theme Party. When we went in we had to sign in and than they gave Gabe and I each $500.00 Bucks to start some gambling(not real money of course) First thing we did was hit up the craps table than to mingle

Me and the Birthday Girl

After we got our fake cash, gambled a little bit and greeted the birthday girl is was time to hit up the food
They had tons of sandwiches and veggies and dips and chicken and potato salad

Than it was over to the FREE Martini bar (it was a open bar)
I had a few Lemon Drop Martinis..they were SO GOOD

Than we checked out the cool Punch Fountain.

Than they had cigarette girls come in to pass out cigarettes and mints to all the guests. (candy Cigarette's) The announced that some of the cigarette packs were marked WIN and you get a gift. I got a winner! I won an electric Texas Hold Em game
Here's the cigarette gals (all Jen's little 16 year old cousins LOL)

Than it was time to have fun with the Chocolate fountain. Earlier that day we went to my Mom's Thrift store and there was a big chocolate fountain for sale at her store. I am almost tempted to go back and buy it and loan it out for parties.

They birthday Gal again and her dirty Martini's

Gabe and Jen's Husband Roland whom is Gabes Best Friend from High School and their son Liam whom is 2.

Every hour they were doing raffles cause in the invitation everyone was sent a card from a deck with their name on it. Gabe's was the Ace of Spades and I was a 2 of spades. Anyways Gabe ended winning one of the raffles. He won some Chocolate Cocktails. Basically a box full of liquor filled chocolates.

The blow up dice were just a good photo op...7 BABY!

Patty and Dennis..12 craps!
Jen and Roland...7 another winner

It was also Tina's birthday (Jen's Mom)
There were dj's playing Vegas tunes all night long and they had the rat pack movie Ocean's Eleven projected on the wall above everyone
Gabe singing some standards
Me and Dolores at the craps table..Now we were back on the tables
I love craps ..they had hired a professional gaming team to bring tables and had poker,a couple blackjack tables,roulette,and craps. They guy running the craps table was pretty funny.
The tables were packed all night I guess that's easy to do when you have a party with 150 guests!
Gabe and I ended up leaving around 10:30 to relieve the sitter whom was my dad and he stayed the night anyway. All in all this was a swingin party.

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