Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday Night Dancing..

So I am posting my Friday and Saturday blog both on Saturday.

Yesterday I was talking with the gals about what their plans were for the weekend and Thelma had said her and Nancy (another old friend from High School) were gonna go out to a dance club and I got to thinking MAN it has been a Looooong time since I been to a dance club. Now granted I go to the mod and northern soul clubs but I am talking a full on old school dance music dance club.

So I got with Thelma on the phone after work and started to make some plans for the evening.
We went to a club called ENVY in Downtown Fullerton ( really not my scene but I wanted to be nostalgic for my late teens clubbing days)

Anyways Thelma And Toni meet here at my place
Where I made us a round of Hard Lemon aide. I thought I would get even a little more nostalgic and make a batch for us to drink in the car once we got to the club before going in.

Yeah a heavy pour of the to-kill-ya

Once we got to the club after having some drinks in the parking lot we ordered the Carmel Apple Martinis which was grey goose, sour apple liqueur and butterscotch schnapps and had Carmel drizzled in the glass with a thin apple slice that had a swirl of Carmel...sooo good


Camerina was wasted..

We got to the VIP upstairs room where we did most of our dancing..They had free Grey goose up there but I didn't have any cause I was driving.

Toni striking a pose

Adriana and Nancy ( my old high school chums)

WOOT Dancing to some old hip hop I think this was bel biv devo they were playing right before the got into their 80's set

Pictures upon pictures

It was a fun night!

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