Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bike Night Pub Crawl

So for Toni's birthday us group of gals got together and decided for something fun to do we would do a pub crawl on Broadway on our bicycles!. Holly and I almost did not make us cause we were so tired from moving but we thought we can at least go for a couple rounds. We didn't get dressed up so we looked like we were hammered from the get go.

Anyway my bike had a flat tire so I had to ride Gabe's bike but we all ended up switching up bikes. I rode Thelma's bike and Holly rode Gabe's bike and Thelma rode Holly's bike. Toni was the only one that rode her own bike.

It's great that Toni lives across the street and holly lives 4 doors down and Thelma lives a couple blocks. We are all so close so its always a party.

First stop was Gallagher's ..first round was Orange Crushes (citron vodka shots dumped into Rockstar energy drinks)


Down the hatch

Ok now for the immediate second round of Orange Crushes

Round two was fun..the race was on

Ok now let's make it interesting...3 rounds
Blow Job shots which had to be done properly
Technically it should be arms around the back and lips around the bottle knock it back and down it goes..Holly gave us the tutorial..lucky for me I have no photos doing mine but I did it properly wit no hands on the first shot. I noticed after a while cause we were kinda loud and laughing at doing the shots that the guys were looking at us all in a whole new way.

Holly giving the lesson

Thelma needed a little hand support she had it down at one point but Holly made her laugh so it ended up back in her glass.

Toni doing hers

After that it was on our bikes and off to the next bar

First round at the Reno room we thought we would steer from the shots for a bit and order just a cocktail..I had a Cape Cod (vodka cranberry)
This was Holly and I last round cause we were just so beat tired from the week. Thelma and Toni continued on for the night..I really wish I could have but I was out for the count but it was a fun night and a great start for the 3 day weekend.


Ally said...

Awww...I wish I lived up there too. I just wasn't feeling up to any kind of partying last night :( Looks like you guys had a pretty great time though! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks liek you girls had alot of fun :) I like how you go all out with the picture posting I do it to lol

Iris said...

I always try just to post a couple pictures but than there are so many good ones I can't decide so I go crazy!