Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Food Crazy

Ava is at the point where she is going to be eating soon. I have given her some single grain rice cereal a couple times and she is still rooting so I thought I would wait a little longer but she does open her mouth for the food. Anyways I can't wait for her to start eating for a few purposes. I really want to get this baby food maker so I can create some organic food for her.

This machine does it all steams,blends,defrosts and warms baby food. It has a heavy price tag but I think in the long run the money you will save on buying baby food it is well worth it. I may have to purchase this in the next coming month.

Another HUGE reason for wanting her to start eating so I can take her here to Pomme Bebe in Newport Beach. This place makes made to order organic baby food. They cook it on site there and you can plop baby in the Bloom Fresco space age styled baby high chairs to sample the baby foods.
Which is great cause there is nothing great about buying baby food that your baby does not like.

There is also another great organic baby food that you can buy at Whole foods and other retailers but what is great and I will have to organize this with some of my other mom friends is baby food tasting. Homemade baby offers baby food tastings. You can organize a small group and they will have baby food parties. How fun is that!

Anyway there is this other place and I can't remember the name of it but I think it is in redondo beach but it is another trendy hip little cafe that has the cool highchairs that offers a menu for your toddlers and a menu for the parents as well. I will have to do some research and try and find it.


Ally said...

OMG..I am an ASS. Seeing that BEEBA baby thing reminded me I was gonna get one for Ava.

I totally forgot about it :(
I swear, I am just a mess lately, I can't keep anything straight.

Iris said...

I remember but I remember I told you I would not need it anytime soon at that time to cause she was not going to be usuing it for awhile.

Holly said...

This is such a fab idea, Iris! My mom made allllll my baby food and she is always encouraging me to do the same. You'll have to test run it for me, hehe!