Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Remembering 2009..Yes 2009 not 8

WOW I can't believe it is the 7th already!
Anyways JAN is flying by quickly and i been thinking..this is going to be a busy year.
I mean just this month started off as a 4 day weekend, and at work I been so busy with the move and running back and forth to meetings from both buildings and than I have another 3 day weekend coming up and than Jen's cool Vegas style Birthday bash on the 24th and than the big Girls weekend getaway at Toni's uncles cabin in Big Bear on the weekend of the 30th. (Awesome just around the time I will be getting my HUGE Bonus and hopefully word of a raise)

I than think February will be busy with Valentines day not to mention the birthdays of Parker,The twins,Ally's my dads, and my uncles where that weekend will probably be a big wine tasting with him and Kirsten.

Than March I have Gabe's birthday and Amber's little one is turning a year old so I would imagine he will have a birthday party ( You always gotta have a birthday party for 1years old!)
My Vegas trip is that month too!!

Hmm April..that's my moms birthday

May is my wedding anniversary..I gotta do something good for that weekend and Josh at work will be having a little arrival that month
June..More new baby Birthdays..Let see Cambria will be one and Evie will be one and a few weeks in JULY it will be John Jrs. turning 1yo birthday and my brothers where of course I will have to do something extra cool for him since I missed his 21st birthday.

Than August is Ava's big 1yo birthday, September the big Annual Dealer Meeting at TBA destination ( I love to travel)
Man than here come the Holidays ( Oct, Nov and DEC )again etc etc

Not to mention what is going on in between those months is Looking for a new place ( where at this point I don't care if we just find a bigger place to RENT..I need outta here) Than Gabe and I want to go on a Cruise this year. We are actually considering going to Cabo or maybe even take a good ol fashion family vacation to the grand canyon or fly to Australia ( we have both of our passports but have yet to use them) If we did go to Australia though we would have to get passports for the kids. What would be cool is to see our pal Little Nate and check out his kids and meet the wife. There is a good chance I may be traveling for work in between those times too. Of course all the fun things to that happen within each year such as all the fairs ( including RENFAIRE), The tiki fest, The Scrapbook convention, The IMS show, The other Holidays like Easter and the 4Th, camping trips, going to the beach, and probably a few scooter rallies along they way.
I need to stop now before I get obsessed
It just seems like WOW..when I type out the things going on..this year is going to be gone (Like a fart in the wind) as my cousin Amber would say.

I figure I will post some pictures that were significant of the past year.

Seeing Jay Leno at the Dealer Show

Parkers Birthday Bash at Adventure City (last one as a only child) (Ugh and I forgot all the cousins in Parkers age group and his friends every month there is another childs party)

The birth of AVA

and another new baby in 2009 Ava's BFF Evie

Parker at the OC Fair

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