Friday, January 2, 2009

One of those days that go nowhere

What a day is the truth! I been out and about all day. I got up early in the morning (thanks AVA) and decided to let Gabe sleep in I would take her in the stroller for my first long walk to start my exercise routine. I called Toni up and asked if she wanted to walk with me over to Portfolio to get some Coffee. So ten minutes I met her out front and we had a nice brisk walk. We got our coffee and headed back for home but we stopped by Ralph's on the walk back to pick up some breakfast items. I also ended up picking up some slimquick tablets!! I will start those on Sunday!
Once I got home I made a fried egg sandwich on 7 grain toast with a teaspoon of non fat mayo and a thin slice of pepper Jack Cheese for Gabe and myself. We than got the kids bathed and got dressed to head to Pasadena to check out the Rose Parade floats but saw a cool yard sale full of tiki stuff and vintage toys and we spent quite awhile there and than ran into traffic so we ended up getting there too late to go in so we are gonna head out first thing tomorrow morning to see them. We did not want to make the trip a complete lost so we headed to the Huntington Library but there was only a hour left before they closed so off we were again and thought well maybe we will head to Long Beach and go to the $10.00 after 5pm deal at the aquarium but instead we went to downtown Whittier.

We went to some place that offered wine tasting and I tasted 3 reds while Gabe tasted ales. We than walked to some stores and then went to the Rocky Cola Cafe . After we ate we headed back to the car but I stopped at like 4 stores and bought myself SEVERAL items of clothing Seriously a few outfits complete with accessories Just like I have done for the past 4 weeks! . UGH! I been spending way too much money on clothes these days.

Speaking of spending I posted some pictures of some of my latest purchases for AVA!

Anyway I'm home now and a bit more broke!

Ava's new Leg Warmers

Ava's new pair of shoes

Ava all set to go with me for my walk

Parker wanted me to take some photos of them sharing a soda ( The baby did not have any it was only a prop straw)

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