Friday, January 23, 2009

Toys and Toys and More toys...

So today I joined Baby Plays. It is basically a netflix for children's toys. There are several different plans and I got the Gold plan.
I have learned from my first child and wasted tons of money on toys I bought for him as a child that he played with for maybe an hour and than never played with it again.
This program lets you go through a catalog of toys and you pick which ones you want to have delivered to your home. (all toys are tested for lead and sanitized). You give it to your baby to play with and when they loose interest you can send it back (they pre pay your shipping costs) and you can choose another toy for them to ship to your door. Like I said it is like NETFIX. You don't get charged late fees for keeping it longer and if your baby LOVES it you can purchase it from the company at wholesale!
I can't wait to get my toys!
Here are just a few of the many toys to choose from. It goes from Birth to 5 years!

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