Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can't wait for some Scrapbooking

It's in a couple of weeks..What I been waiting for!!!!!!!!

I am already getting my photos in order. Got to get some shutterfly orders in.
I been organizing my scrapbook supplies and writing out what my layouts are gonna be for the photos so I know exactly what to get.
Anytime I take a photo I try and visualize what the scrapbook page will look like and what I can do. A lot of the time I buy just stuff I see that I like and than later take pictures that would go with the Stuff I bought.

Anyway I can't wait to go to the Expo....I just wish I had more friends that were into scrapbooking! Here are some items I want to get.

I would like to get a sizzix or maybe a crikit but my friend/aunt already has them and we scrap together. I need this special station though (at my old work building we threw out all our desks and I wish I had the room to bring it home cause it would have been perfect for scrapbooking and storage.)

I LOVE this paper for Ava's scrapbook

I want this set of rubber stamps...This is not one stamp it is a set of all these individual stamps

I HAVE to have this kitty page

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