Monday, January 5, 2009


So it is hard to get back into the groove of things at work after having 4 days off and the week before 5 days off.

Today is our first official day back with most of the staff back from vacation. However we have to move this week and next so it shall be interesting. I have so much to do like go to the post office to have our new address forwarded and than get the utilities transferred over and a lot of other setting up things.
Anyways My boss is back from vacation and I told him I had to run over to the new building to see how it is coming along and he said he wanted to go too, so we jumped into the company truck but before going to the office we went to breakfast at his friends New cafe in Costa Mesa called EAT CHOW.
This is such a cool little cafe that serves breakfast lunch and dinner. They had awesome coffee and I ordered a breakfast BLTA sandwich with country potatoes and strawberries.
My boss had some oatmeal that had big fresh cuts of strawberries,bananas, and blueberries and had a little carafe of creamy steam milk and a little silver bowl of granola to add to your oatmeal.
I never seen oatmeal so appetizing before. So check it out.
They have a GREAT menu.The location of this place cause it is BRAND NEW is

1802 Newport Blvd Costa Mesa CA 92627.

It is conjoined with a hip clothing store called The Closet.
I recommend this place to everyone!

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