Friday, January 16, 2009

What I been doing all week..

So all this week we been moving our office building and it has been a major task.
I been however most of the time in meetings and handling the business side of things with the VP that was in town. The It Manager Sonja was out here for a day setting up our computers and she forgot her camera in NY so I loaned her my camera to take pictures to take back to her. These are from yesterday .They loved being out here in the Cali beats the single digits in New York. Jane leaves tomorrow at 9am back to NY.

Sonja left last night..which she was flying US Airways so she was a little distraught considering a US Airways crashed in the Hudson river on the same day she is to travel. Anyways here are some of the photos she took.

Our NEW Building

Me at my desk ( it is not set up stuff is STILL in boxes..but this was the first time using my newly installed computer. I love that I get my own office space and don't have to share)
Sean at his desk messing around with his newly installed computer.

The Bosses Desk..or what we all call it the starship enterprise

Sonja (the taller one and Jane the VP in the red sweater)

Outside the building you can see (pass the city tractor yard) Catalina and the was a nice sunset.

Sonja set the timer on the camera and me and holly and her took a photo

Our warehouse..Some of it

Sonja on The big California Vintage Moto Guzzi

After a full days work and some.. we went last night to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner.
I usually work with a bunch of men so the only gals in the office went ..
Pre dinner cocktails

However we managed to drag my boss Erik and Sean with us

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