Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009

So last night was mostly uneventful for me. Gabe went to work and I still was not feeling to well so I stayed home. I had a eye doctor appointment but soon found out that it was for the day before and they were closed. My parents came over to watch Parker and Ava so I could go to the doctor but since I didn't have to go they came to hang out with me for New Years Eve.

So my mom and I drank 4 bottle of Champagne and My Dad drank like 2 pints of Rum so you could understand that we got a little loaded!

Parker's friend from upstairs played with him till midnight so he was occupied having a buddy to play with and Ava went to bed at 9.

Holly was having a New Years Eve party but I just was not feeling well enough to make it.

Anyway at midnight we all went running outside to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!! and I heard everyone at Holly's place blowing their horns and yelling so my dad and I ran over to Holly's and celebrated midnight with them but I soon rushed back home.

Once I got home my dad in his drunken state said he had to do his traditional NEW YEARS DANCE and was trying to get Parker to dance like him.

Well it's 2009!! I hope it is a good one!

Here are some pictures of my dad doing his NY dance.

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